(c) 2004 Miroslav Stibor 
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CHANGES file for dagrab

Changes (only important ones):

- Added speed and rest time diagnostics for single track
  (04/02/98 Sascha Schumann )

- Added -m -e -s -p functions, extended track info
  (04/05/98 Sascha Schumann )

- If ioctl fails it tryes again and again...
- some implicit options changed
- Removed -j function, removed jitter correction.
  Added new jitter correction -- now it tests only the edges of block readed
  by ioctl and _now_ it works almost without cracks or i can't hear any 
  (with my shitting mitsumi).
- If ioctl repeatly (as -r is set) fails, it moves back with reading, and 
  later sets buffersize to halfsize to increase chance of reading it.
- some ">>2" changed to "/sizeof(int)"
- Added -w -W options
- Verbose output changed in the whole and was enhanced, now it is 
  pseudo-graphics. :-))
- Tested with glibc on Debian 2.0 HAMM. Tested with kernel 2.0.34, 2.1.123.
  (with mitsumi fx320 ide 32x) All worked.
- Optimized jitter.c.
- A little optimized function cd_read_track().
  Now it works with char arrays instead of ints. Some code removed, because
  i thought it can't get in. :-)
- dagrab.c splited into more files, Makefile changed.
- Very little optimized resttime().
- Added -H option
- Added function bad_par() -- makes size optimalization of inputing params()

  Ver. S0.37:
- Added pseudo jitter correction inside the block (filter)
- Overlap control now allows one mistake (but not in the first byte)

- Some .h files splitted
- the default of jitter delta (-j) changed to 24
- if it grabs successful, it writes more useful informations to stderr, now
  it writes number of jitter corrections too

  Ver. S0.378
- Added handling with rotate speed

  (12/1998 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.379
- -f - option now outputs wav to stdout
  (added outputing data to stdout stream and mostly fprintf(stdout, ...)
  changed to fprintf(stderr, ...)
- print.h fixed for glibc 
- fixed some bugs in allocation
- fixed bug in verbose output when grabbing more tracks
- speeding up jitter()
- now it alocates less memory to look for jitter overlap
- removed some ballast
- rewrited speeding up/down drive and number of sectors per request
  on the fly when it can't/can read
- it ends with grabing on the end of the track when it reaches array 
  of zeros

  Ver. S0.381
- some bugs removed
- some new bugs added :)
- some allocation (when not using mono output) removed
- when output is going to stdout, the size of the wav in its header
  is declared as "very long", so you can grab all tracks into
  one file

  (12/2000 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.39
- added cddb handling from Marcelo's dagrab 0.3.5

  (1/2001 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.41
- partly removed cddb bug -- when author/title is on more then 1 line
- updated dagrab.1 (added examples too)
- removed some small bugs (when forcing verbose mode off)
- grab script and verbose output improved

  (2/2001 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.44
- track list from command line now supports ranges (ie. 3-7)
- added -E for invoke examples of using dagrab
- when cddb fails, remove also cddb naming (-f @name-@format) on the fly
- manpages truncated; examples removed
- change " and ` to ' in filenames when using cddb
- -W -M features are documented in manpages only

  (9/2001 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.45
- now works --longhelp, --help, --examples, so -h -E removed
- -C and -N now do the same
- -H now accepts also port number, so -P removed
- fixed "cddb" bug in documentations: -S renamed to -A

  Ver. S0.451
- header files rewritten at all

  Ver. S0.452
- fixed bug in measuring the speed
- removed -W -w -H

  (9/2001 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.46
- removed -k

  Ver. S0.47beta
- removed -o option. Now it is at least 1 and dagrab tries to change number of
  blocks for overlap checking itself on the fly.
- variables (@TRK, ...) are also interpreted when using the -e option

  Ver. S0.47
- fixes of above
- removed -r, -a
- new function need_1B_shift() in jitter.c

  Ver. S0.481
- -S removed
- -S is now the same as -A (for backward compatibility with dagrab 0.3.5)
- -a strikes back (for backward compatibility)
- when cddb error, CDDB variables are terminated to blanks
- some small optimizations

  (10/2001 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.489
- main loop in dagrab.c a bit rewrited to use need_1B_shift() and to work better
- err.c

  (11/2001 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.491
- bug in dagrab.c fixed (data allocation)
- bug in grab script fixed (when using 'all')

  Ver. S0.493
- (hope) also can deal with multisession CD (when data track included)
- grab script enhanced to use both cddb and pipe
- examples a bit corrected to afford better functionality

  (12/2001 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.494
- bug in need_1B_shift() fixed
- number of mistakes allowed in 'key' was reduced in str_str()

  Ver. S0.495
- another bug around need_1B_shift() fixed
- header files a bit reorganized
- bug with ending the track fixed

  Ver. S0.496
- memcpy() of the ripped datablock in main loop removed, free() and malloc()
  is used instead
- -j 128 (and higher) forces no overlap checking (dumb ripping)
- keylen increased to 16 samples

  Ver. S0.497
- instead of write(), fwrite() is used and joined with fwrite(..., stdout)
- grab script adjusted to work also with ash
- pthread support added (should speed up reading on slower PC's, cos it can
  save data and do jitter correction while waiting for ioctl()). But!! Makes
  ripping slower, when another process wonna run at 100 % of CPU.

  Ver. S0.498
- pthread support completed, seems to work well at all cases

  Ver. S0.499
- bug in cddb.c fixed (didn't work correct when only author was filled)
- @GNR (genre) now supported for cddb handling
- changes in -S parameter behaviour
  - do not look over the network if file exist and works within local database
  - do not overwrite file in local database if it exists and works
- grab script a bit improved

  Ver. S0.5
- also @YER (year) now supported for cddb handling

  Ver. S0.501
- bladeenc/id3ed support in grab script
- wavs dumped to stdout have defined real size in outputs' header

  Ver. S0.502
- gogo/id3ed support in grab script

  Ver. S0.503
- hope solved the "not unique key problem" (in very very especial case, when
  the KEY used for overlap checking on block readed is not unique -- if it is
  array of zeros).

  (8/2002 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.504
- almost fixed not unique key problem
- cddb: spaces and some other strange chars typed from right are ignored

Q: Why am i using threads instead of fork()?
A: 1. fork() uses copy-on-write pages, so it could decrease perfomance when
      it makes jitter correction on data before writing them
   2. fork() probably works with its own memory, so it is even not easy reach
      the data intended for writing (made by parent) from child process

  (9/2002 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.505
- -p option removed, cos it could fail on special cases on bad devices.
  Saving the mono output can be done thorough the convertor or encoder's switch.

  (10/2002 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.506
- INSTALL and README files updated
- freezing on 2.4.x kernels fixed (probably pipes handling for threads was not
  perfectly written)

  (11/2002 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.507
- '/' in cddb names are replaced by '|'
- default $DAGRAB variable in grab script changed to DAGRAB="dagrab -JS -f -"
  from DAGRAB="dagrab -JN -f -" and grab script a bit adjusted to throw off -S
  parameter when not needed

  (12/2003 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.508pre1
- '/' in cddb names are replaced by '|': temporary back to previous estate
  because of buggy behaviour

  Ver. S0.508 (not released)
- /:*<>?\| characters in file names (-f) are replaced
- ' always changes to ` when using -e option
- lowcase CDDB variables changed a bit behaviour: '`" and space are replaced
  by _, "nonprintable" characters are throwed off
- different using quotas in builtin examples
- oggenc support for dagrab builtin examples
- grab script impovements (/:*<>?\| characters in file names are replaced)
- grab script: oggenc support, better ash compatibility, hints, ...

  Ver. S0.509
- minor fittings

  (02/2004 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.510
- occasionally ripping problems on the ends of the tracks fixed
- extended --debug output
- speed and est. time computing improvements
- manpages updated

  (03/2004 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.511
- cddb: EXTD/YEAR support
- cddb: looking for local directory changes its behaviour, improved
- another threads freezing on some linuxes fixed

  (04/2004 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.512
- grab script improvements (cddb) (04/2004 Neil Hancock)
- -S option fix (06/2004 Peter Chubb)

  (06/2004 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)

  Ver. S0.513
- cddb related bug fixed (lowercases for @)

  (08/2004 Miroslav Stibor, stibor@vertigo.fme.vutbr.cz)